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Gosh Darn Bubbles! is a casual, light-hearted, underwater-themed card game. It is easy to learn, designed for 2-6 players, and takes 5-20 minutes to complete, and is best suited for ages 14+.

The Goal of the Game is to be the first player to collect three Treasures. Players earn Treasure by finding and playing Sunken Chests, but watch out for Bubbles! They prevent Sunken Chests from providing Treasure and do nothing when they are played.

There are many clever animals that live in the sea's cool depths. Some of them are friendly and are happy to help you find Sunken Chests. Others are a bit mean and will make your quest for fortune as difficult as possible. Be polite and make friends with as many of them as you can. You are a guest in their home!

Featuring illustrations by 12 professional artists from around the world, Gosh Darn Bubbles! is as fun to look at as it is to play! Shown above is one card from each artist, with 20 additional unique card designs included in each copy, adding up to a total of 108 cards in the game!

what people are saying about gosh darn bubbles!

"Gosh Darn Bubbles! does a solid job of filling a role as a card game with light gameplay, straightforward rules, and a theme that is whimsical and accessible all in one. We think it would work well for all audiences: fans of this genre and style of game, families looking for a new option at game night, as well as experienced gamers looking for a simple, transportable title. 

Board Game Quest

"I’ve made a lot of fishy puns today just for the halibut, but playing Gosh Darn Bubbles! always puts us in such a good mood that I don’t want to carp about it anymore. Gosh Darn Bubbles! is an engaging light card game that we enjoyed and look forward to playing again."

Everything Board Games

It's quick, it's simple, really easy to teach, and fun! All the cards feel really nice to play, I enjoy that aspect of the game, and I also like the artwork. Whether I win or lose in this game, I have a good time!

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​Treasure • Sunken Chest • Bubbles
Apolline Etienne

​Duck with an Afro • Extra Tentacle • Bubble-Sealed Lock
Kiernan Sjursen-Lien

​Frog Eat Frog • Slappa da Bass • Jerkface Shark
Jonatan Iversen-Ejve

​Selective Seahorse • Check Out These Dolphins • Whirlpool
Morghan Gill

​Deep-Diving Kingfisher • Gold-Digging Killer Whale • Another One

​Grab Crab • Enlightened Jellyfish • Significant Otters
Susie "BogusRed" Sahim

​Best Friends Forever • Pirate Manta Ray • Fair Winds
Sabrina Alberghetti

​Fast-Talking Koi • Hard-Hitting Betta • I See You in There

​Lockrocker Penguin • Organized Axolotl • Sneaky Snake

​A Moment Together • Plundering Pufferfish • Picky Piranha
Christina Gardner

​What's Kraken Y'all • Four Turtles • Making a Splash
Nickol Martin

​Treasure and Ocean Card Back Art
Oana R. Birtea (Yuuza)